● Phenix emergency products comply to various standards and regulations.

● Phenix emergency products are verified by strict tests. In addition to the general tests, we carry out various limit tests, such as the high-low temperature, high-low voltage charge and discharge tests, the high-low temperature quick change tests, the withstand voltage test, the anti- surge test, the components stress and temperature test, over 20,000 times field switching impact test, the high temperature (85° C) and high humidity (95%) limit test, and etc.


● Phenix choose reliable components from international famous brands and industry leading brands. The components with adequate parameters’ allowance ensure the products’ failure rate to be controlled to minimum.

● The meticulous process and automatic high precision processing equipment ensure the production of high quality.


● Phenix chooses top brand high temperature batteries which pass the stringent performance and lifetime tests. The specialized battery charge and discharge circuits are designed according to the battery’s characteristics, which greatly reduce the battery’s loss and impact. With the addition of the temperature protection design, the low power consumption is achieved, the battery’s safety risk is reduced to minimum and the life time extends.