Phenix emergency modules have the advantages of multiple and powerful functions, wide compatibility and applicability. Relying on the accurate programs, the various automatic intelligent controls have been achieved, e.g. automatic load matching, auto tests, battery overcharge and over discharge protection, load open, short circuit and overload protection, abnormal temperature protection and etc.

● 18450X’s multiple current selection function provides the great flexibility to meet all kinds of requirements.


● Universal wide voltage output is adapted to almost all of the different configuration of the LED loads, CLASS 1 and CLASS 2 output available.

18450X: 3-42V; 18470X-X:13-60V; 184900: 5-200V; 184901: 10-300V; 184902: 15-300V; 184903: 20-300V

● Auto Test function reduces the maintenance cost to the lowest.

● Auto Setting: 18470X-X and 18490X-X can set the output current automatically according to the voltage of different loads, and achieve the constant emergency output power, so as to avoid the mismatching risk.

● Dimming: 18450X has normal driver function with 0-10V dimming. 18460X has 0-10V dimming function, which can connect the loads max. 10 times larger than the rated emergency output power. In the emergency mode, the automatic dimming reduces the power to the rating.

● Cold Battery Pack


Phenix cold battery pack can work normally under low temperature down to -40°C (-40°F). The reliable battery heating system ensures that the battery always operates at the appropriate ambient temperature, and the extremely low thermal conductivity insulation material ensures that the battery can discharge for more than 90 minutes in case of power failure and no continuous heating.